Software UTA Owns

UTA has already purchased site licenses for a number of software packages. Faculty and staff should never purchase these products because they have already been purchased. Some of these products can even be downloaded onto personal devices.

For example, Adobe Creative Cloud is available by browsing to and click on the Enterprise Sign-in option. Use your UTA credentials to access the software.

Visit for apps that are immediately available for you to use.

Additionally, UTA has arrangements with a number of software vendors that allows departments to secure their licenses through UTA’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) at a discounted price.

Review the Pre-Approved Software List for details regarding these specific software packages.

Please note, for licenses the department secures through OIT, the department is not required to enter the ServiceNow TAPREQ.

If the department purchases their own license for these products, they must:

  • Complete the ServiceNow TAPREQ process.
  • If using a ProCard, complete the Business Affairs Exception Tracker (BAET) request prior to purchase.

If you purchase a product that the university already owns, you may not be allowed to request reimbursement.

For questions regarding the Pre-Approved software list, please contact the