Electronic and Information Resources (EIR)

What is EIR? (TAPREQ required)

EIR is an acronym for electronic and information resources defined by the Department of Information Resources to include information technology and any equipment or interconnected system or subsystem of equipment used to create, convert, duplicate, store, or deliver data or information, including vendors that provide related services

Here is an alternate definition of EIR divided into four categories:

  1. Webpages
  2. Software, including apps and Software as a Service
  3. Online items including video files, social media, subscriptions, or web portals.
  4. Vendors acting on behalf of UTA that involve any of the above

What items do not require the TAPREQ?

Items that are excluded from the TAPREQ include:

  • Items used for entertainment purposes only and are not required as part of one’s job or academic work
  • Command line only products (no graphic user interface)
  • EIR integrated at the time of construction into a building
  • Cellphones purchased under a DIR contract per UTA’s Cell Phone Procedure
  • Software drivers that are incidental to the use of other software
  • Stock images, fonts, vectors, sounds or graphics
  • Computers and printers from the approved OIT list
  • EIR hardware located in maintenance or monitoring spaces, and where status indicators and operable parts are located in spaces that are frequented only by service personnel for maintenance, repair, or occasional monitoring of equipment, such status indicators and operable parts shall not be required to conform and are considered out of scope.

Under the Training and Resources menu above, you will find an introductory class named EIR Accessibility at UTA. Contact accessibility@uta.edu for more information or to schedule the training at a more convenient time.