TAPREQ – Approval Process for EIR

Laptop screen listing TAPREQ, Software, Social Media, Online and Vendors. Includes URL: go.uta.edu/tapreq

Review the Pre-Approved List for the product you need.

Products included on the Pre-Approved list do not require a TAPREQ. Additionally, if the license is purchased with an IDT [inter-departmental transfer] through OIT, no BAET is required because the ProCard is not being used. However, if the department decides to purchase their own license, the TAPREQ is required along with the BAET. Refer to the Pre-Approved Software list for details.

A reference guide on how to complete the submission form is available at ServiceNow Knowledge Base KB0011222. This guide includes a list of questions so you can collect the information prior to starting the request form.  Completion of the request form must be accomplished in one session.

An additional Knowledge Base KB0011229 is available that includes a list of exclusions, exemptions and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

The purposes of the ServiceNow TAPREQ reviews are to:

  • Ensure accessibility
  • Ensure security
  • Ensure safe use
  • Ensure alignment with infrastructure
  • Ensure fiscal value

Enter a ServiceNow Request

  1. Open a browser
  2. Browse to go.uta.edu/tapreq
  3. Answer all of the questions
  4. Attach related documents (quotes, agreements, invoices)
  5. Submit the request. 

If you need any assistance creating or submitting the TAPREQ, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 817-272-2208.

ServiceNow Workflow

When the ServiceNow TAPREQ is created, the system assigns tasks to EIR Accessibility, Enterprise Architecture and the Information Security Office.

When all three groups approve their assigned task, the request is approved and the requester will receive an email with details. Details may indicate whether or not a Purchase Order is required for use of this particular EIR. Once you receive the approval email, you may enter your requisition into UTShare, use your ProCard (if allowed) or begin using the requested EIR.

Please note, TAPREQ approval does not replace the Business Affairs Exception Tracker (BAET) requirement.  You must also follow all ProCard policies and procedures.