Paying For Software and Other EIR

Computer button labeled, shop.

Purchase Order

Once the ServiceNow TAPREQ process has been approved, software can be ordered via a purchase order. The requester enters a requisition into UTShare so that Procurement can issue the Purchase Order to the vendor.


Please note that software and on-line services are disallowed under the ProCard policy. Once the ServiceNow TAPREQ process has been approved, prior to using your ProCard, you must also have an approved Business Affairs Exception Tracker (BAET) request. For questions related to the BAET process, please contact the ProCard Analyst for assistance. Use this link to submit your Business Affairs exception request: baet

Vendor Agreements

All vendor documents that require a signature must be forwarded to Procurement for review and executive. Contact Joe White,, for additional information,.

Voucher and Reimbursement

Per UTA’s Procedure, Reimbursements and Payments Other Than for Travel and Purchase Orders – BF-PGS-PR8, software is not one of the items listed that is allowed to be paid via voucher. For questions concerning this procedure or this exclusion, please contact the Disbursements Office.