Creating Accessible Emails

Best practices checklist:

  • All images have alternative text (right click, edit alt text).
  • All videos are captioned
  • Ensure you have sufficient color contrast.
  • Never use color as a single identifier.
  • All element IDs are unique (do not duplicate labels such as “Read More” or “Click Here”).
  • Include a contact number in case an accommodation is needed.
  • Ensure that you are following the guidelines published by UCOMM, University Communications, regarding UTA Identity. These guidelines include selecting the proper colors, when the institutional logo may be used and using the official email signature block.

Outlook Settings (for Desktop application):

Update your settings to help others check accessibility of their emails to you!

  • Click on Settings
  • Click on View all Outlook Settings
  • In the first column, click on General.  In the second column, click on Accessibility.  In the last column, click the check box “Accessible Content”.

Now, when someone replies to your email, they will receive a prompt that states “[your  name] prefers accessible content.  Check for accessibility issues.”  This is a link that will provide feedback to the sender that will explain if there are any accessibility issues in the email.



Training resource from Microsoft Outlook.

Do you need help with avoiding “Click Here” buttons? This article may help.