Alt Text

In order to be fully accessible every image on a website or document must either include alternative [alt] text or be marked as decorative.

In Word and PowerPoint, right click on the image and click on Edit Alt Text to reach the area to type in the alt text for the screenreader.

For webpages, you will need to ensure images have alt text assigned to them. The process will differ slightly between Sitecore, CampusPress and Cascade.

Remember, even your images uploaded to social media require alt text. Here are some handy links:

Assigning alt text is not difficult. The challenge can be determining what text to use. There are many opinions! The short answer is, “It depends.” The long answer is, “Ensure that you are concisely conveying your message.”

This is an excellent article by Sheri Byrne-Harber from UC Collective. If you would like to discuss alt text, please contact Let’s have the conversation!