New World of Live Captioning

Microsoft recently announced a new Live Captioning feature in Teams. You have to take a moment and marvel at this technology. The ability for the robots to listen to what is being said in realtime and turn it into a coherent stream of nearly grammatically correct text is quite an accomplishment. If you have not tried this out for yourself, I highly recommend turning it on. While in a Teams meeting, click on the ellipsis on the bar and choose “Turn on Live Captions”.

It’s not just for those with hearing impairment. Like most accessibility features, they can make things better for everyone. It is helpful for non-native speakers. It is helpful for people in noisy environments. It can be helpful when the conversation goes into technical jargon. And finally it can be helpful if you just need to temporary mute a teams chat but still keep up with it.

  • KB0011354 Transcription and Live Captions in Microsoft Teams

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